Experience Iceland Like Never Before with FlyOver Iceland


Experience Iceland Like Never Before with FlyOver Iceland

Experience Iceland Like Never Before with FlyOver Iceland

By: Ilse Cer
Wed, 22 May 2024
Reading time: 3 min

Our Journey Through Sweeping Glaciers, Stunning Fjords & Ancient Mysteries

Imagine experiencing the breath-taking beauty and ancient mysteries of Iceland from a perspective like no other. We recently had the incredible opportunity to do just that with FlyOver Iceland, and it's an adventure you definitely want to try when in Iceland.


History, Mythology & Nature, before your flight

Before the flight-ride, we were treated to two captivating pre-show experiences that delve into Iceland's rich history and mythology. These pre-shows were not just informative but deeply engaging, setting the perfect stage for the flight experience. Impressive mapping and visuals design that will cauptivate you all the way. It is not just another screen proyection. This will enrich your senses before getting to the main part of the show. 

The Longhouse Stepping into an ancient Viking longhouse, we felt a deep connection to the past. An Icelandic storyteller welcomed us by the firelight, weaving a tale that was brought to life with mesmerizing shadow-play projections. Showing how Sagas have been passed through the time and the way Icelanders used to pass knowledge through generations. The flickering shadows and the warm glow of the fire transported us back to a time of Vikings and legends. It was a moment of pure magic, setting the stage perfectly for the adventure ahead.


The Well of Time The journey through the Well of Time was equally enchanting. Guided by Sú Vitra, an ancient troll character designed by beloved illustrator Brian Pilkington, we experienced the powerful forces of nature and the human spirit through music, video, imagery, and sound. We felt the strength and often violent forces of nature. The ground rumbled as volcanoes erupted and glaciers carved their way through the land. We witnessed the introduction of humans and the concept of Þetta Reddast, an Icelandic phrase that embodies the spirit of resilience and optimism. Last but not least, We discovered how Icelandic people have thrived, continuing life no matter the challenges. The stories of survival and innovation in this harsh but beautiful environment left us with a deep respect for the Icelandic spirit.


The Ultimate Flight Experience

Our journey began the moment we strapped into our seats at FlyOver Iceland. Suspended with our feet dangling, we were enveloped by a massive 20-meter spherical screen. As the film started, we were whisked away on a virtual journey across Iceland’s dramatic landscapes. The combination of wind, mist, and evocative scents made it feel like we were truly soaring over glaciers and fjords, adding a magical, multi-sensory dimension to the ride. For sure you feel like you are gliding over Iceland and it takes to an impressive flying perspective. It gets real with the smells, air and breeze that gets blasted to your face when flying above the most impressive locations of Iceland. 

Why You Shouldn't Miss FlyOver Iceland

FlyOver Iceland isn't just a ride; it's a journey through the heart and soul of Iceland. It combines cutting-edge technology with timeless stories and the natural beauty of this extraordinary island. Here’s why this is an experience you absolutely cannot miss:

Whether you’re exploring Iceland for the first time or rediscovering it anew, FlyOver Iceland offers an experience that will stay with you long after your visit. This is definitely an experience you don't want to miss when you're in Iceland. So next time you find yourself in the land of fire and ice, make sure FlyOver Iceland is at the top of your must-do list.

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