Parking in Iceland and how to pay for it

Driving in Iceland

Parking in Iceland and how to pay for it

Parking in Iceland and how to pay for it

By: Ilse Cer
Fri, 15 Mar 2024
Reading time: 7 min

Pay-and-Display System

In urban areas such as Reykjavik, the pay-and-display parking system is prevalent. To utilize this system, locate designated parking spaces and proceed to pay at the nearest payment station. Once payment is completed, be sure to display the receipt prominently on your vehicle's dashboard.

Payment for parking can be conveniently made through the app or website. When making payment, ensure that you correctly input the designated parking zone, which can typically be found on the parking meter or indicated on the street where you are parking. These zones are categorized as P1, P2, P3, and P4, each with its respective parking regulations and fees.

Time-Limited Parking

When parking, it's important to pay attention to the time limits specified for each parking spot. These limits are typically indicated by signs nearby. Ignoring these limits could result in fines, so it's crucial to abide by them.

Additionally, for safety reasons, always remember to park your vehicle facing the same direction as the flow of traffic. This ensures better visibility and reduces the risk of accidents for both drivers and pedestrians.

Blue Zone Parking

Look for blue-painted parking spaces in Reykjavik, which are designated for disabled parking. Avoid parking in these spaces unless you have the appropriate permit.

Roadside Parking

Along rural roads and scenic spots, you'll often find areas for roadside parking. Park responsibly, ensuring your vehicle doesn't obstruct traffic or access to private property. 

Natural Attractions

When visiting natural attractions such as waterfalls or hot springs, follow designated parking areas and avoid creating new parking spaces. Respect nature and fellow travelers. Parking shall be paid most of the time in natural attractions. You can pay through Parka app or directly in the machines located onsite. 

Campervan  Parking

Designated Camping Areas: If you're traveling in a campervan or motorhome, use designated camping areas. Respect local regulations regarding overnight stays. Check out our camping guide and enjoy your journey.

Wild Camping Guidelines: Wild camping is not allowed in Iceland, follow guidelines.

Tips for Stress-Free Parking

Use Parking Apps: Utilize parking apps or online resources to find real-time information on available parking spaces, payment options, and any restrictions. Parka app is your go to resource when it comes to parking and payment. 

Respect Local Regulations: Adhere to posted signs and regulations to avoid fines and ensure a positive experience for yourself and others.

Pay for parking before you leave: Parking in most of natural attractions need to be paid. Please look for the sign and pay before you leave. Parking are regulated and controlled by camera system that detects when you enter the parking area. Car rental will get the invoice in case you don't pay and you will be charged afterwards. 

Mastering the art of parking in Iceland, from city streets to remote natural wonders, is essential for a hassle-free road trip. By understanding local regulations, planning ahead, and respecting the environment, you'll navigate parking with ease, allowing you to focus on the incredible landscapes and experiences Iceland has to offer. 

Safe travels!


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