Gas stations

When driving in Iceland you‘ll need to visit some gas stations and it may be a good idea to explore the available options and prepare your trip especially when visiting the highlands as there are no gas stations there.

There‘s no lack of gas stations in populated areas all around the country and in the greater Reykjavik area you‘ll find over 70 gas stations.


Fuel automats

Most gas stations are equiped with automats allowing you to pump at any time accepting all major chip-and-pin credit cards and debit cards. Some automats accept cash but it‘s not common so remember to bring your credit card and pin number. If you don‘t have one, you can buy prepaid petrol card in most manned gas stations.

When paying for diesel or petrol using a credit card you‘ll have to select amount. This is the maximum amount you want to pay and you are only charged for the amount pumped.


Service stations

Many service station offer groceries, breakfast, travel essentials and restaurants and some of them are open 24/7. When pumping at those stations during opening hours, you may need to talk to the cashiers before pumping fuel and once you are done, the amount is paid inside.

During closing hours you can use the automats which are located on almost every service station.


Gas prices in Iceland

The price of petrol and diesel is almost identical in all gas stations anywhere in Iceland, however in some regions in the greater Reykjavik area there can be significant different. The cheapest fuel in Iceland is usually on selected gas stations in Hafnarfjörður and Garðabær. The difference can be up to 30 ISK/liter (approx €0,23).

The difference between full service and self-service is usually around 2 ISK/liter (approx. €0,014).


Fuel discount cards/tags

Most gas stations offer some kind of discount cards or tags lowering the cost of fuel by 3-5 ISK/liter and offering discounts on various products. Fuel discount tag from N1 is included with all our rental cars. Please ask for a discount tag when you pick up your rental car.


List of gas stations in Iceland

Below is a list of all brands offering fuel in Iceland. Click on any of them to see a list of locations:


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