Rent a Dacia Duster 4wd

Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is a simple 4x4 crossover. It's one of our most popular 4x4 renal car, mostly because it's spacious with seats for up to 5 people, it's very fuel efficient and allowed to drive on the Icelandic F-roads.

This car will get you to the highlands during the summer and is very comfortable for exploring attractions around the ring road all year round. The six-speed manual gearbox is light and easy making your driving smooth and comfortable.

All our Dacia Dusters are 4wd with manual transmission.

Additional details

Model: 2013-2019
Transmission: Manual
Seats: 5
Luggage: 4


Price from 50 EUR

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