The Essential Guide to AdBlue for Rental Vehicles


The Essential Guide to AdBlue for Rental Vehicles

The Essential Guide to AdBlue for Rental Vehicles

By: Ilse Cer
Mon, 29 Apr 2024
Reading time: 3 min

Exploring the breath-taking landscapes of Iceland by road is a dream for many travelers. As you prepare for your adventure on the land of fire and ice, there's one essential aspect of vehicle maintenance you shouldn't overlook: AdBlue. Whether you're cruising along the Golden Circle or venturing into the rugged highlands, understanding AdBlue is crucial for your rental vehicle's performance and compliance with environmental regulations. Let's delve into what AdBlue is, why rental cars in Iceland need it, and how you can ensure a smooth journey with this vital fluid.

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What is AdBlue?

AdBlue, also referred to as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), is a clear, non-toxic solution comprised mainly of urea and deionized water. It's used in diesel vehicles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Why Do Rental Vehicles in Iceland Need It?

In addition to Iceland's commitment to environmental protection, rental vehicles in Iceland need AdBlue not only for its environmental friendliness but also for optimal motor functioning. AdBlue isn't just about reducing emissions; it's a crucial component for ensuring the efficient operation of diesel vehicles equipped with SCR technology. 

By facilitating the conversion of NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, AdBlue not only helps rental vehicles comply with strict emissions standards but also ensures their engines run smoothly and efficiently. This dual function underscores the importance of AdBlue for both environmental sustainability and the reliable performance of rental vehicles on Iceland's roads.

How Does AdBlue Work?

When you rent a vehicle in Iceland equipped with SCR technology, AdBlue is injected into the exhaust stream before it reaches the catalytic converter. Within the SCR catalyst, a chemical reaction occurs between the urea in AdBlue and NOx emissions, converting them into less harmful substances. This process, known as selective catalytic reduction, is essential for ensuring your rental vehicle operates cleanly and efficiently.

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Where Can You Refill AdBlue in Iceland?

Fortunately, ensuring your rental vehicle has an ample supply of AdBlue during your Icelandic journey is convenient. Many gas stations across Iceland offer AdBlue refilling services, making it easily accessible for travellers. Additionally,  your vehicle will be provided with AdBlue upon your pick up. 

How Much AdBlue Should You Add?

The amount of AdBlue your rental vehicle requires depends on factors such as its engine size, emissions system design, and driving conditions. Most rental vehicles equipped with SCR technology have a dedicated AdBlue tank, and the vehicle's onboard computer system monitors its level, alerting you when a refill is necessary. Adhering to these alerts and maintaining an adequate supply of AdBlue ensures smooth operation.

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